Keynote Speaker – Sima Dahl

KEYNOTE: Go Big or Go Home: The Sway Factor Way To Build Your Personal Brand

Sima Dahl, CSP, AS, MBA

International Keynote Speaker & Consultant Sway Factor – Be in Demand

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A five-part series for LinkedIn on Personal Branding for careers:

In this energizing program, international keynoter Sima Dahl, CSP, AS, MBA will show you how to increase your visibility, improve your memorability, and create more demand for your professional skills and expertise. Sima has coached hundreds of executives in some of the world’s largest organizations on how to practice what she calls “self-promotion for polite people.” In this session you’ll learn three simple personal branding hacks every go-getter must practice in order to open doors, attract opportunity, and put yourself on the fast-track. Whether your goal is to earn more, lead more or speak more, this is one not to miss!


Sima Dahl, CSP, AS, MBA is a branding visionary who will revolutionize the way you think about generating demand. Her early career as an award-winning marketer paved the way Sway Factor™, her ground-breaking approach to personal branding for professionals that strengthens business and employer brands too. Sima has traveled from Boston to Budapest showing sales, marketing, and HR leaders how to drive sales, attract top talent, and increase retention by leveraging this unorthodox branding trifecta.

Known for her ability to distill complex theory into practical application, Sima delivers a simple framework that moves even naysayers into action. With bold candor, unfiltered honesty and her signature charismatic style, Sima will challenge you to stand out, stay relevant, and be in demand. Be it a conference keynote or corporate training, her passion on stage is matched only by the passion she ignites in the audience. When she’s not speaking, you’ll find her consulting with an impressive roster of forward-thinking clients including Allscripts, CDW, Harley Davidson, Medline, Orbitz, Rust-Oleum, Walgreens and United Airlines among others.

Sima is one of just 12 percent of known speakers worldwide to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, and one of just 88 to earn the Accredited Speaker credential from Toastmasters International. Only six people in the world have earned both.

Sima holds a BA from the University of Illinois where she was an Edmund James Scholar and an MBA from DePaul University where she graduated with honors. She lives in Chicago with her heart-husband Bill and their dog Lolla (Palooza.)

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